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[Self-Portrait from College]
[Little bit of Self-Love]

This a place where four of my favorite things in the world collide and coexist with each other.  My life mostly consists of my love for fall (and pumpkins), photography, natural health, and organizing.  I am so very thrilled to be able to share my passions with the world.

My name is missy.  I was born & raised in Haymarket, Virginia.  My birthday is october 4th, which is the best day ever.  Pumpkins are my most favorite things.  Hot herbal tea and water are my favorite things to drink;  they are both soothing and nourishing for the body & soul.  Everything that I love brings me joy beyond measure, so I am choosing to share this joy with you in hopes that it will fufill you in some way, shape, or form, and make your life better. 

Below are my WHY's for doing what I do.  I am thankful for all of them, as they have shaped the person that I am today.  The challenges in life are just a part of the journey that make life an adventure.

Just a little reminder to everyone that reads this:
If you ever think you cannot accomplish something, grow, and take the positives from it... you can and you will.  Always remember that you are so loved, so worthy, and more than enough.
Natural Health Journey

I've had psoriasis since I was about three-years-old, though we were told it was cradle cap.  Towards the end of my Senior year (08-09) of high school, I started feeling the wrath of the food I ate.  Around early 2012 I decided to cut dairy out of my life, because of all the issues it was causing me.  Little did I know, that was the slow beginning to my Holistic Health journey.

Summer of 2014, my body was going into shutdown mode and I did not have the resources I needed to fix it.  At this point, I had migraines and headaches all day long, every single day and had to lay down every chance I got.  Whether I ate or did not eat, I'd feel (what I thought was) acid reflux, nausea, soreness all over, and lightheadedness.

Thankfully, in September of 2014 I met Cindy (a now dear friend) and she introduced me to essential oils and gainesville holistic health center.  I started using peppermint essential oil and i was blown away by how much support it gave me during this rough time.  Flashforward a few weeks later and I had gotten an appointment at ghhc.  It turns out i picked up the frequencies of Lyme’s Disease (present for at least 5 years), a huge amount of bad parasites and bad bacteria and bad yeast in my stomach, lots of mold in my system, and many food sensitivities.  After one week, I was feeling like a new person.  I was not getting frequent headaches and my body wasn’t as achy.  About eight weeks after I started, my Lyme frequencies were completely gone.   Here I am 3 years later and my life has only improved.

Here's to GHHC... without your push and your guidance, I wouldn't be where I am today and for that, I am forever grateful!